Upgrading a Classic

The 8-Series BMW is a timeless classic and is a hit at car shows and meets across the world. What was once unattainable for most with its nearly six figure starting price tag is now easily purchased for a fraction of its original cost. While the car’s gorgeous looks can still stand out in a crowd of  just about any vehicles, its the car’s performance that is noticeably lacking. The V8 or V12 engines produce around 300hp and are asked to power this 4,150lb monster. This leads to a 6.3 second 0-60 time and 14.9 second 1/4 mile run. Those numbers are not exactly exciting and match many pretty bland cars of today. In addition, the car’s suspension and braking leave plenty to be desired.

Dinan to the Rescue

Dinan Performance Engineering found a way to transform this underachieving grand touring coupe into an absolute thrill ride through the use of state of the art (at the time) technologies. Software, turbos, superchargers, springs, shocks, anti-roll bars and other components were packaged together to truly bring the 8-Series into supercar territory. Unfortunately, all of that performance came at a high cost and only a limited number of cars were produced. There were other cars that were modified using individual components rather than as a complete performance package.

NLA – No Longer Available

Now, in 2018, Dinan no longer produces or carries products for these cars (and hasn’t for many years). You can probably still get their chips burned, but there are others on the market that yield better results. You can still get accessories like floor mats or pedal covers, but the real performance goodies are long gone. In fact, this holds true for other 8-Series tuners like Alpina and Hartge as well. There is very little available on the performance market for these cars.

To Build or to Buy

So, for those looking for a high performance 8-Series, you have just a few options:

  • Buy one of the 30 Dinan 8’s ever produced when they come on the market
  • Buy a supercharged (by Dinan or others) 8-Series when one comes on the market
  • Purchase a stock 8-Series and modify it yourself

Obviously, the first two only happen once or twice a year in most cases. Due to their rarity and demand, the owners of these cars are usually asking for significant money. Purchasing a stock or near-stock 8-Series is much easier, but sourcing performance parts will prove to be difficult and can end up costing more in the long run than a well cared for Dinan 8 package car.

Dinan8.com is Here to Help

Dinan8.com will continue to monitor the market and post anytime a Dinan modified 8-Series car is for sale. In time, we will produce additional articles aimed at those looking to modify their own cars with parts that are still widely available today. if you have any information or wish to contribute, please use the form on the contact page.

Note: This post is in reply to a few emails the site has received over the last few months. 

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