Dinan8.com was created just over a year ago as a small side project to help those in automotive community find information about Dinan Performance Engineering’s modification portfolio for the 8-Series BMW. While featuring lots of different rides owned by fellow enthusiasts and over 50 pages of content, the site has received over 1,500 visitors and 7,000 page views and continues to grow month after month.

Late last year while working to add additional features and content, I began a personal move which left me with without an office and workstation for a few months while I settled into a new place. As this transition comes to a close, I am pleased to announce that I have begun working on the site once again.

Recent updates include:

  • Completed the member registration system
  • Fix miscellaneous typos and formatting issues
  • Added additional content
  • Created a discussion forum

Possible longer term work:

  • Expand the site to include all 8-Series vehicles or all Dinan modified vehicles
  • Include a way for users to display and detail their ride

So for now, feel free to browse the site, register and post in the forum.

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