Now that the summer in coming to a close, I wanted to provide some updates. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much action in the Dinan 8 world this year.

Let’s start with some good news. Recently, on a beautiful ’93 Dinan Stroker sold for $50,000. It was a 6.0L V12 car with a 6-speed manual transmission and only 34k miles on the clock. Two videos and over 200 images detailing the exceptional condition of the car pushed it to the amazing selling price. These cars are getting harder to find and are bringing more money year over year. This car has been added to the Registry.

There was some bad new though, with the Dinan SC Supercharged 8 we had featured previously being a complete loss in an accident. Fortunately the owner was unharmed and the car was parted out. Hopefully the Dinan bits made their way onto another 8-Series car.

Finally, please remember that has no affiliation with Dinan Performance Engineering or the company that now owns it. We receive emails all the time from people looking to purchase performance parts. Again, almost all of the parts and conversion kits listed on this site are no longer available.

Be sure to contact us if you see and Dinan related 8-Series information and we will add it to the site.  Thanks!

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