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Dinan is a performance automotive and racing company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of aftermarket parts and accessories for BMW’s. The company was founded in 1979 by Steve Dinan and is located in Morgan Hill, Ca. For almost 40 years, they have been making BMW performance vehicles even better through upgraded engine and suspension systems all while backed by an extended vehicle warranty.  In addition to direct sales through their website and showrooms, Dinan also sells prepared cars and performance parts through over 150 BMW dealers nationwide.

Dinan began modifying 8-series BMW’s soon after they left the assembly line in 1991.  Using their magic, they were able to take a fairly anemic grand touring coupe and create a 500+ horsepower monster capable of sub-13 second quarter mile times, putting it in the same league as period exotics like the Ferrari Testarossa and ZR-1 Corvette.

Complete Packages:

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To achieve maximum acceleration from a non-turbocharged engine, a combination of power increases and drivetrain modifications are recommended.  These packages are carefully matched and sold at a discounted price.

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If there is a product made by Dinan that truely shows their engineering prowess, their twin turbo systems are it. The Dinan 8 must be experienced to be fully appreciated, because the extraordinary smoothness of the 850i is enhanced by the turbos.

Performance Components: