BMW Motorsports BrakesDinan Brakes:

Coming in three different packages, Dinan brake conversions greatly improve the braking power of the 8-Series BMW.  With components sourced from Brembo and BMW Motorsports, they were designed to dissipate heat faster, reduce brake fade and rotor warpage by improving ventilation as well as increasing the swept area.  All Dinan brakes allowed the use of the factory ABS system and sensors.

Stage I Brake Conversion

The Stage I Brake Conversion was a bolt-on front brake replacement featuring 324 x 30 mm rotors and Brembo 4-pot fixed aluminum calipers.  The additional swept area provided by the larger caliper and rotors, combined with substantially improved heat dissipation, dramatically reduced brake fade and rotor warpage for even the most demanding driver.

Stage II Brake Conversionbrake_rotor

This was another front brake replacement that featured massive 345 x 32 mm floating rotors with directional ventilation as well as 4-pot fixed calipers from BMW Motorsports.  The conversion offered uncompromising stopping power for road or track applications.

Stage III Brake Conversion

The Stage III Brake Conversion adds ventilated 328 x 20 mm rear brakes to the 345 x 32 mm front brakes for the ultimate in stopping power.

Note: The Stage III Brake Conversion came standard on all Stage III Twin Turbo Conversions and can be found on many Stage II cars as well.

Build Your Own Stage III Brake Conversion

Its been stated many times on that Dinan is no longer producing most of their parts for the 8-Series BMW, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t source your own brake parts.  All of the necessary parts can be ordered directly from your local BMW Dealer.

Note: BMW NA is no longer importing non-DOT approved parts into the United States, so you may be forced to order some items from parts suppliers in Europe.  These parts came factory installed on all European spec 850CSi’s.

Parts List:6domksms

  • Front Pads 34112227863
  • Rear Pads 34212227325
  • Rear Calipers 34212227510/1
  • Carriers 34211163335
  • Front Calipers 34112227115/6
  • Brake Sensors 34351181823/5
  • Rear Rotors 34216767062
  • Front Rotors 34112227735/6