In addition to Forced Induction packages, Dinan offered engine performance upgrades for naturally aspirated engines that included simple bolt on products all the way up to complete stroker engines.  These products increased horsepower, torque and throttle response for the 8-Series BMW.

High Output Stroker Engines

Dinan high output stroker engines generate significantly more horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band. These affordable engines create power that can be felt in the low-tomid1995-bmw-850-csi-dinan-downstroker-lowered-reserve-11 power ranges, where most of us do the bulk of our everyday driving, as well as significant peak horsepower gains when the car is driven aggressively. 

You get a Dinan high output stroker short block, which includes a specifically designed crankshaft, custom lightweight pistons, and all new internals that have been balanced and blueprinted. Dinan also reprograms the engine management system to maximize horsepower and torque.

All tuneup specifications remain the same as the stock factory settings so routine servicing is carried out in the usual manor. Dinan stroker engines were covered by their 2 year / unlimited mileage warranty.

Note: The 6.0L V12 conversion had signification issues which included catastrophic failure.  Very few of these cars are known to exist.

Bolt-On Performance Parts

Dinan’s bolt-on parts are all 50 state emissions legal.

Performance Chip(s) – $495.00

Dinan computer chip(s) optimize fuel economy and emissions at light loads and as the load increaeses the program gradually changes focus toward power. At wide open throttle chip(s) are dyno-tuned for maximum power gains. Dinan chip(s) increase fuel economy and power by optimizing fuel and ignition curves for supreme fuel.

(1) Installation Hour

+33 HP @ 5,500 rpm’s and + 34 TQ @ 4,500 rpm’s


HP Exhaust System – $1,995.00

Dinan offered a dyno-tuned free flow exhaust system matched to the engine and designed to be compatible with other Dinan performance products. The HP Exhaust System offers greater engine power by increasing exhaust flow and reducing back pressure. Dinan polished, stainless steel tips complete the system, offering a subtly more aggressive visual enhancement to the car.

Extrude Honed Intake Manifolds – $1,990.00

Further increases in horsepower and torque are obtained by adding Dinan’s high performance intake manifolds. The manifolds are ported and polished using the extrude hone process, then powder coated black for a dramatic, high performance look.

(3) Installation Hours

Speed Delimiter – $399

The Dinan speed delimiter is designed to eliminate the 155mph governor.  The new limit is now the engine rev limiter.  The top speed will therefore be limited by the engine’s power and gearing, not by some artificial limiter. Z speed rated tires are a must and Dinan highly recommends a suspension upgrade before removing the speed limiter.  Operating a vehicle beyond 160 mph without propoer tires and suspension is very dangerous.

(3) Installation Hours

High Flow Intake Components

Dinan throttle bodies offer further improvement in intake airflow for additional horsepower, torque and throttle response.  Internal diameters are enlarged from stock specifications and the throllte bodies were fitted with custom throttle plates.  These were then matches with larger mass air flow sensors.

Note: These only appeared in some Stage II/III Twin Turbo cars.

Gauge Panels

Dinan supplementary gauge panels were designed to integrate directly into the dash or console. They were made with German vinyl that matched the texture, grain structure and color of the factory dash.  VDO gauges illuminated red and operated from the factory dimmer switch.

Note: These only appeared on Stage III Twin Turbo cars.

Naturally Aspirated Engine Package – $4,685.00

  • (2) Engine Chips
  • (1) Transmission Chip (automatic Transmission Only)
  • (1) Exhaust System
  • (2) Intake Manifolds **
  • (9) Installation Hours

+86 HP and + 75 TQ @6,000 rpm