Dinan Forced Induction Packages:

There are two proven methods of generating substantial increases in horsepower; making the engine bigger by increasing displacement or improving engine breathing by increasing the amount dinan8_carof air entering the engine through forced induction.

The concept of producing maximum horsepower and torque gains using forced induction is not a new one.  Auto makers have used the two most common types, supercharging and turbo charging, to extract power on demand from smaller engines for some time.  The key to successfully employing forced induction is having the understanding and ability to develop and manufacturer sophisticated engine management systems.  Dinan used their tuning knowledge to produce twin turbo systems for the V12 powered BMW’s (7 and 8 Series cars) and supercharged systems for V8 powered BMW’s (5, 7 and 8 Series cars).

Dinan Turbocharged Engines

These packages were designed to show off Dinan’s true engineering prowess.  Other tuners never attempted to create such a system due to its complexity.  They were able to create huge power output by using a system that they designed and manufactured themselves.  By using a cutting edge electronic engine management system, it allows the twin-turbo V12 to maintain its silky smoothness as if it were stock.

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Dinan Supercharged Engines

BMsuperchargedW’s high compression engines make supercharging a cost-effective method of generating maximum horsepower through forced induction. Turbocharging these engines would require major engine rebuilding to lower the compression in order to make efficient power.  Supercharging offers a logical means of applying forced induction to these engines. Substantial power gains are achieved without the necessity and cost associated with rebuilding the engine. Superchargers also require less engine compartment space in today’s newer, more cramped vehicles.  Dinan supercharged engines retain the stock tuneup specifications and were covered under their 2 year / unlimited mile warranty.