Dinan WheelsDinan designed their three piece-modular road wheels to deliver maximum performance while having the clean, contemporary appearance of a one-piece wheel.  The centers are forged, then machined from aluminum billets.  The half-shells are spun aluminum.  This manufacturing process, while more expensive and time consuming, delivers the lightest and strongest wheel possible to contribute to the overall handling and balance of the car.  Dinan wheels provide the ability to fit the largest tires possible for maximum grip under all driving conditions.

Dinan 8 – Wheels and Tires

Dinan offered Stage II and III Twin Turbo cars a performance wheel and tire package to match the increased performance.  No single performance product has as much effect on handling as the Dinan Wheels Made by DP Motorsportstires and wheels.  With that in mind, Dinan offered a special three piece, light weight alloy racing construction wheel (originally manufacturer by DP Motorsports; no longer in business) for the 8-Series BMW.  Practical street features like extra thick outer lip for strength and resistance to bending have been incorporated into the design as well.  The 9″ wide Dinan wheels and hub-centric adapters provide the ability to fit the largest wheels and tires possible on the car, thereby minimizing under-steer, improving steering response and increasing overall grip.  Since the same wheel is used on both the fron and rear, factory recommended tire rotations can be carried out as well.

Dinan recommended Yokohama AVS Intermediate tires for excellent all weather traction and high performance. The 16″ wheel should be fitted with 245-45-16 and the 17″ with a 255-40-17.  When used in conjunction with Dinan’s Stage III Suspension System, a 275-40-17 tire may be fitted to the 17″ x 9″ wheel as well.

Dinan 8 Stage II/III with Optional Wheels and Tires

Dinan 8 Stage II/III with Optional Wheels and Tires

Hub Extenders and Spacers

Hub extender / spacer kits were available for various tire and wheel applications.  The spacers and hub-centric extenders are precision machined from aluminum to accurately position larger wheels on their hubs.  Spacers were available in 3/16″, 3/8″, 9/16″ and 3/4″ thicknesses.

Note: Dinan 8 cars with the performance wheel and tire package required Dinan’s 3/16″ hub-centric extenders on the fronts.

Wheel Options and Pricing

  • Wheels

    • 16″ x 9″ Road Wheel – $649 each
    • 17″ x 9″ Road Wheel – $699 each
  • Hub Extenders

    • 3/16″ For Dinan Wheels – $249 for a set of two
    • 3/8″, 9/16″ and 3/4″ – $299 for a set of two